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Although Germany's excellent rail system can take you to most parts of the country, it can't take you everywhere and you may want to use a car for part of your travel in Germany. And, for you driving or road enthusiasts, the Autobahn is an attraction in itself. Driving is a pleasure as the roads are in excellent condition and the drivers are well-trained and cooperative- just as long as you follow the rules. Here you will find a complete digest of those rules as well as information on renting a car in Germany, general information on touring and the highway network, a special section on the Autobahn, and a comprehensive collection of traffic signs and signals.

Straßen: Roads and highways

Die Autobahn: An in-depth look at the world's most famous highway system

Verkehrsregeln: Traffic laws and regulations

Verkehrszeichen: Traffic signs, signals, and markings

Driving & Parking in cities: Advice for using your car in town

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